Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Comics Lounge @ Stand up Comedian 棟篤笑

The Comics Lounge @ Stand up Comedian 棟篤笑

If you like watching Comedy, trust you know Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, David Letterman, Russell Peters, Jay Leno. And now you can know Richard Marks, Gab Rossi, Magesh, Mick Neven, Dave O'Neil.
You can watch Comedian 365 days in Melbourne , not only in Comedian Festival.

Last Friday I went to Comics Lounge and watch Stand up Comedy. I had lots of fun.

Summer laughs @ Comics Lounge with stand up Comedian
The Comics Lounge aims to make you laugh your ass off and then the next day we will give you a call and ask you to please come and pick it up, its starting to smell.

Location: 26 Errol St North Melbourne 3051 (Tram 57 from Elizabeth St)
Tel: (03) 9348 9488

棟篤笑 這個詞 彙是黃子華發明的。說是「發明」,其實也不盡是,「棟篤笑」可算是英文「Stand Up Comedy」的翻譯。凡是站在舞台上講笑話 或以密集笑話為主的小品短劇,都可歸納在「棟篤笑」之列。

Ball Park Music - song Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You)

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